:: Facials

Starting with a client consultation, pre-cleanse and skin analysis, our nourishing facials are completely personalised to you. Our all-organic, results driven Èminence skincare range offers an extensive line of over 160 speciality masques, fruit cleansers and moisturisers, herbal serums and luxury facial peels to perfectly suit all skin types and conditions.

There is nothing better than relaxing into a treatment with a loved one nearby enjoying the same. We have a tranquil double treatment room so all our treatments are available in pairs if required.



Increase collagen, lift, plump, firm and hydrate. Suitable for all skin types, especially mature skin.

60 minutes - $120

Naturally anti-aging and rejuvenating, this all-inclusive, all-organic marine peptide infusion is ideal for deep cell rejuvenation for naturally younger-looking skin. From our Èminence range, with cruelty-free collagen, natural plant peptides and sustainably sourced algae for increased hydration and elasticity, this beautiful facial offers an advanced 3-step antioxidant peel, leaving skin smooth, firm and visibly radiant.


Exfoliating, pore minimising and detoxifying. Suitable for all skin types.

60 minutes - $120

This warm facial peel is antioxidant-rich, gaining its warmth from the paprika, and revitalises the natural glow of your skin to detoxify, reinvigorate, refresh and purify. Using a combination of blueberry, raspberry and blackberry juices combined with pineapple extract we remove dead skin cells to improve the appearance of your skin and release its natural glow.


Brighten and even skin tone, prevent discolouration, hydrate, smooth and calm. Suitable for all skin types, especially hyper-pigmented.

60 minutes - $120

This illuminating, all-organic facial is specifically designed to alleviate hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tones for naturally glowing skin. From our signature Èminence skincare range, the combination of bearberry, liquorice and stonecrop work together to fade pigment while infusing the skin with revitalising antioxidants. Gigawhite and a natural hydroquinone alternative will reduce blotching pigmentation and leave skin clear, bright and firm.



Detox, infuse moisture, restore balance, brighten and renew. Suitable for all skin types, especially hormonally imbalanced skin types.

60 minutes - $120

Using a combination of eight microgreens, this revitalising facial is ideal to combat the dulling, drying effects of environmental stressors. It will also help to neutralise breakouts and can aide in preventing them, while balancing skin pH levels and sebum production. This facial will deeply cleanse, exfoliate and rehydrate your skin while enhancing its resistance against pollution and sun radiation. Infused with hydrating lotus, microgreens and moisturising melt-in jojoba oil beads, this regenerating treatment seals in moisture to reveal your natural balance and glow.


Firm, plump, repair, even-out skin tone and minimise pores.

60 minutes - $130

This 20% peel refining treatment is an ideal mid-summer and post-summer refresh. The skin renewing enzyme peel is highly active, refining and collagen boosting to help erase sun damage and leave beautiful smooth, clear skin. A silky soft puree of yam and pumpkin peel exfoliates without irritation to remove dead cells, reducing skin discolouration and hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage. All the while infusing the skin with active vitaminutes and bioflavonoids to deeply hydrate, plump the skin and stimulate collagen production for long-lasting results.


Detoxifying, rejuvenating and exfoliating. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, scars, uneven skin tones, blackheads and acne. Suitable for all skin types.

60 minutes - $130

Organic granules are used to exfoliate the skin in a non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure that gently exfoliates and polishes away the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal healthy new skin that looks and feels smoother. This procedure also stimulates collagen and new cell production leading to improvement in your skins overall texture and quality.



Refresh, revitalise and moisturise. Enjoy this facial as a stand-alone treatment or add-on to any beauty or spa treatment.

30 minutes - $70

Starting with a client consultation, pre-cleanse and skin analysis, your introductory facial will be completely personalised to you. Designed as a treatment for those short on time, your facial will include a cleanse, peel or masque and moisturiser using products from our extensive Èminence organic range.

(+) Bright Eyes

15 minutes - $30

This “add-on” to any treatment is ideal to refresh, rejuvenate and restore tired eyes. Using soothing cucumber, cleansing naseberry, refreshing raspberry and moisturising wild plum Éminence products, we gently but effectively treat fine lines, wrinkles, milia, crows’ feet, puffiness, skin tone and dark circles. For best results we recommend a series of three to four treatments.



Many of our beauty and/or spa treatments listed on our website are available as add-ons. Look out for the add-on icon (+)


:: brows, lashes + waxing

Our experienced team offers a complete range of specialist brow and lash treatments as well as full body, facial, bikini and brazilian waxes.

(+) All of the treatments listed in Brows, Lashes + Waxing are available as stand-alone treatments or add-ons with any beauty or spa treatment.



Brazilian $55

Brazilian-First Time $70

Full Leg and Bikini $65

Half Leg and Bikini $50


Full leg $45

Half leg $30

Full arm $35

Half arm $25

Underarm $25


Back $45

Chest $45


Eyebrow $25

Lip $15

Eyebrow and Lip $35

Chin $15

Chin and Lip $25

Eyebrow, Chin and Lip $55


Eyebrow $25

Eyelash $25

Eyebrow and Eyelash $40


Eyebrow Wax and Tint $45

Eyebrow Wax, Eyebrow Tint
and Eyelash Tint $55


:: hands + Feet

Treat your hard-working hands and feet to a truly revitalising and pampering treatment using products from our Èminence organic skin care range or our Jessica natural and low tox nail care range.

(+) All of the treatments listed in Hands + Feet are available as stand-alone treatments or add-ons with any beauty or spa treatment.


Jessica is an internationally renowned completely natural nail care and treatment system, proud to provide a cleaner and kinder product that is free from animal testing and nasty chemicals.

Jessica products are free from Formaldehyde, Camphor, Toluene, DBP, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, Guanine and Carmine.

Our extensive, quick-dry Jessica nail care range is ideal for rejuvenating dry nails, soothing and strengthening brittle nails, providing critical care for soft nails and assisting in stopping nails from peeling.

(+) Deluxe Manicure (or) Pedicure

60 minutes - $95

Taking the time to put some love into your hands or your feet can make such a difference to your general mind-body wellbeing. Your treatment starts with a beautiful sanitise, soften and soak ritual. You will then experience a divine sugar scrub, a masque and a massage using Èminence organic products. Feeling totally relaxed you can then enjoy the remainder of your treatment with attention to cuticle care, shaping, buffing and polishing your nails. Relax with a beautiful herbal tea or glass of bubbles while your polish dries.

(+) Manicure (or) Pedicure

30 minutes - $50

This treatment is ideal as a regular top-up between deluxe manicures or pedicures. Your hands or feet are sanitised and soaked, followed by cuticle care. Your nails will be shaped, buffed and polished. Consider this your regular Mani or Pedi.

(+) Manicure + Pedicure

60 minutes - $95

Combine our Mani + Pedi for a complete refresh.

(+) Jessica Gel

$15 as an add-on to any Mani or Pedi.

Known as “Geleration”, Jessica Gel applies like a polish but has the durability of a gel. It’s highly pigmented shades last without fading or chipping. It is removed using a soak-off conditioning formula that protects nails and skin from excessive dryness with no damage to your nails.

(+) Gel Removal - $10

(+) Organic Hands (or) Feet

30 minutes - $50

A nourishing treatment designed to rescue tired and dry hands or feet. Using our beautiful Èminence organic products this treatment will revitalise, refresh, soften and restore. Your treatment starts with a beautiful sanitise, soften and soak ritual, followed by an exfoliating sugar scrub, a nourishing masque and a delightful massage. Finish your treatment with a refreshing herbal tea.

(+) Organic Hands + Feet

60 minutes - $95

Combine the two treatments for 60 minutes of pure pampering indulgence for those tired hands and feet. A completely rejuvenating treatment finishes with you enjoying a refreshing herbal tea.

*All foot treatments include a heel buff.


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